Working out how much difference solar is making

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I had solar installed in 2014 and had an immediate and large reduction in quarterly power bills - sometimes as little as $135.00 in summer.


Now with COVID-19, partner and me have been WFH fulltime since March. Plus we renovated the garage into a unit and have a tenant. Our last bill was almost $1000.00 - about the same size as our largest bill before installing solar. 


I get that WFH is using a lot of power, especially as we're both using flatscreen monitors all day and have an LCD TV running at night. Our main heater is gas, however, so we're not spending a lot on electic heaters. The pool filter is set to run 8:30am - 4:00pm when we're getting maximum solar power.  And I would like to know how much power the tenancy is drawing.


I have a smart meter installed and the AGL app, but all I can see are gross figures, I can't see any way of (1) seeing what, if any, savings I'm getting from having had solar installed and (2) which devices or usage types are most power-hungry (like what Craig Reucassel was showing on Save Planet A a month or so back).