Missing Battery Data

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I’ve tried to get this solved before but without resolution (satisfactory or unsatisfactory) let alone success.


My Powerwall 2 was effectively commissioned on 4 May 2022 but AGL failed to register the fact in their system so no battery data was available via the app re Battery Charging.


Previous enquiry yielded an explanation first that a backlog of data entry for new batteries commissioned at AGL was proving difficult to work through and then later in my particular case that when entering the battery’s serial number an error in understanding the difference between 0 and O had been too difficult to get past and the task had been dumped into a too hard basket and had resided there since - until as a result of my second chase up the 0 with O problem in the serial number was discovered and dealt with at AGL and data began to become available as designed on 23 March 2023.


Since then I’ve been trying to get missing data AGL App Overview / Battery / System Savings / Battery and Solar and Solar Only between those dates inclusive without success.


At this late date I’d like to know if the data is available and retrievable, can it we sent, and will AGL do that to complete my record. If not for whatever reason just say so and let me move on with my incomplete record.


I’ve been referred sideways within AGL before on this without success so I’d prefer any checking with others at your end be done within AGL rather than give it to me to get nowhere with except to another problem without a solution.


Thanks, (Edited to remove personal details)



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 If the battery is a Tesla one, you can get all of this info off the Tesla app.

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I have long suspected that this is the case.

How? Either a step by step list starting with download my data to the desired result or a link to a necessary and useful reference would be much appreciated..

My last offer of assistance from AGL was that they thought Tesla could help, that AGL would check and get back to me. That was months ago.


Graham Strauss
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Disregard reply immediately above.


I found a hidden energy reserve and started googling, now well advanced.. I'm sure I'll get there with a bit of time and effort.

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I've exhausted the avenues I thought might lead me to it in the Tesla App.


On reflection everything I know about the basic values that would need to go into the calculations to produce both Battery and Solar Savings cf a theoretical situation without either or both the Battery or Solar Panels, and the fact that I'm now getting the calculated daily summary from the AGL App reassures me that I'll need to continue to pursue this with AGL directly for the missing data.


This is the information I'm looking for, copied here from my post at the head off this thread.


"Since then I’ve been trying to get missing data AGL App Overview / Battery / System Savings / Battery and Solar and Solar Only between those dates inclusive without success."


I'm looking for a day by day record of $ value saved by "Battery & Solar" and "Solar Only" for the missing period, Since it's been available as a day by day, or should I say yesterday by yesterday or daily by weekly summary for last week in the AGL App since the battery was registered I think I need to get the archive record in a table form from AGL, either from the App itself if it's hiding there or as a transfer from their archive for the period needed and I assume they have that.