Issue with VPP Installation delay

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We signed up for a VPP panel and battery system with AGL in March. Now in December we are still waiting for the installer to contact us with an installation date. The site inspection was organised relatively quickly and took place in April, and all required prep work has been completed (by us). Solar Vic have done their bit and have been most helpful. Our AGL VPP sales contact has also been good to deal with and always responds when we have contacted him with questions. What I am finding frustrating is the opacity of the process. AGL can't, or won't, put us in contact with the installer (or vice versa) to find out when, or if, the install will take place. I am aware that there has been a global pandemic (!). And that there were restrictions on installations. But these were lifted 2 months ago! Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any suggestions on who at AGL to approach to get some information?