First planned "event" for our VPP

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We just received notification on the Solar command website that we will be part of our first "event" from between 4:30 and 5:30pm today

"This event may involve discharging some of the stored energy in your battery. Solar self-consumption will operate as usual at all other times"

This is the first one since our installation in August last year.

It will be interesting to see how it reports and how much is drawn.

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At 5pm today, our VPP started exporting 3.5kwh and is slowly rolling off at 5:45pm. Battery dropped from 92% down about to around 70%.
At this time our house was still being powered by our PV even with the A/C on. 
Looks like it works as designed. Cool

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@Woodun, Thanks for your report! You have now practically answered my question on how often AGL draws on the battery 😉

Was the drawdown smart enough to leave enough power in the battery to cover your night-time demand? Or was that just chance?

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2 Question for all on the forum, how many times has VPP used your battery or know about ?

and has there been as per condition of contract 5.6. You agree that a Draw Event from the national electricity
grid may appear as additional electricity consumption on Your bill under Your Electricity Sale Contract.


The reason i ask is the VPP being filled by the grid is at market rates.



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In over a year of involvement with the VPP program, we have still only had the one event as described above.

As of yet, we have not had to charge the battery from mains.

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Woodunn, Thank you for your follow up on this thread. This is very good news. Are you able to estimate how much you have saved in your first year of battery use?

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        Savings have been a little hard to calculate due to the supply charges increased and feed in decreased (24c to 16c) around the same time our original VPP was installed.


What I can say is that our total consumption decreased by about half.  We had an existing 5kw Solar array and the quarterly figures are as follows.  We are a full electric house. 


I have not done the calculations of the decrease of solar feed in due to the PV charging the batteries.


Aug 2016  2541kWh     Aug 2018  1627

Nov 2016 2100             Nov 2018 843

Feb 2017 1437             Feb 2018  743