Coopers gap wind farm output?

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Hi just using the NEM tool

Looking at the Fuel Source for Qld it shows currently almost no input from wind power despite (as far as I can tell from online weather sources) the wind in the area being 10-20km/h and the farm having an output of up to 460MW.

With I understand almost 1000MW of wind generation available I'm wondering why we are producing power with >80% coal and 0%-1% wind?!

Does anyone know why there would be so little wind power being supplied to the grid especially when other states at the same time are producing over 5,000MW on the same live feed.

Are these farms plugged in? or do we have a lot of coal we need to get rid of!

It would be great for AGL to provide a realtime website that shows the live output of the wind farms to the  general public.