AGL quietly walks away from $1 per day EV plan

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As of 22 October 2018, AGL's $1 per day unlimited EV charging plan has been cancelled. When I contacted them today, AGL's EV charging team stated that there was no indication of when or if a similar plan will be re-introduced.

It is very unfortunate but not surprising that AGL has discontinued this plan. This bait & switch game reeks of corporate greenwashing. It is dishonest to AGL's customers and the wider community.

One of the only truly forward thinking initiatives AGL had going for it was this now-cancelled $1 per day EV plan. What will be the next pie-in-the-sky AGL? Hydrocarbon-sourced experimental hydrogen cars? Announcements about non-existent Carbon Capture & Storage technology? Energy companies got away with that pseudoscience in the '80s and '90s - not any more. 

Given the almost complete absence in Australia of government EV incentives, and a relative dearth of public charging facilities compared to pretty much all other developed nations, AGL's EV car plan had the potential to make all the difference for Australians making the inevitable move to EVs. Cancelling the $1/day EV plan is a massive step backwards when it comes to AGL delivering on its nebulous promises of green energy.

AGL kept this plan in place just long enough to promote its faux-green image to NGOs and media. Greenpeace & other groups released reports praising AGL for improvements in providing green energy services - I wonder if AGL has notified these important stakeholders studying and promoting sustainability, that the EV plan has been shut down? 

Whilst remaining heavily invested in brown coal power and coal seam gas fracking, AGL has sought in recent years to rebrand itself as a green energy provider. Cancelling this plan highlights the truth - AGL launches plans like this for temporary publicity, and manipulates the carbon trading system to improve its green credentials. Genuine green energy providers such as Powershop and Diamond energy maintain carbon neutrality by building and expanding renewable energy power generation. AGL does it by buying carbon credit units. 

Bait & switch, obfuscate, pander to hydrocarbon interests, delay the inevitable all you want but one thing is certain - sooner or later everyone will be driving EVs, and in the greater scheme energy production must become emissions free. With ever more carbon neutral options becoming available to consumers, AGL can choose to be at the forefront of this transition, or not.

AGL Moderator
AGL Moderator
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Hi EV Driver,


Thank you for your comments, and it’s great to hear that you were an advocate for our $1 a day Electric Car Plan (ECP).

The ECP (as it’s internally known) was always a pilot product, which was in market for the past 2 years. We have learnt a lot from our passionate EV customers, and we are now working hard to create a new Electric Car Plan for home charging, which will be released early next year.




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November 2018 response said AGL were bringing out a new plan to support EV charging.
2019-03 question - what is it?

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Hi ZZ,


We haven't launched our new plan yet, but you can sign up to our mailing list here if you'd like to be the first to know when we do.


Kind regards,



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