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cheques for credit


 Why do I get a cheque when I over pay?

Cheques are so old fashion and then I need to find time to get to a bank or ATM

Surley you could do one of these........

a)  roll it over to next month

b) credit my bank account by transfer.

Come on AGL get with the times

Mark (63 years)

AGL Moderator

Hi allmarksdesign,


If you're referring to a refund sent to you as a result of solar credits accrued on your account, then you do have the option of either rolling these over on future bills or having these refunded directly to your bank account on a quarterly basis instead.


If you'd like to discuss these options further, please log into your AGL My Account or app and message a member of our customer service team!


Kind regards,




AGL Community Manager
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