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Transaction History in My Account. Tell us what you think!

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Based on feedback from you, our customers, we are trialling a new feature in My Account where it’s possible to see your previous transactions.


Starting Thursday 11th October, some customers will be able to see this new feature and view transactions from the past three years.


We’d love to know if you find this transaction list helpful or if things are missing or confusing? Reply below with your comments and suggestions so that you can help us improve.


If you don’t see a new heading ‘Transaction History’ next to your Bill History in the Overview screen within My Account, you might not be part of the feature release just yet! If you see this screen, share your thoughts below!





I stumbled on it yesterday. Very handy having it in one place.



Thank you, very helpful to see a transaction history.

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AGL Moderator
Status changed to: Delivered

This feature is now live for all customers in My Account!


Keen to check it out?

  1. Login to My Account
  2. Navigate to Billing
  3. Scroll to where 'Bill History' appears
  4. Toggle to Transaction History

Keep letting us know what you think of this feature, or submit another idea for what you'd like to see in My Account 



I can't find the total of my bill for this 1/4 and I can't see the amounts I have paid by bpay during the billing period Fran Deakin 

AGL Employee

Hi  Fran (@Awd24fmd23 ),


If your bill for this quarter has been issued you will be able to view the total amount billed in My Account on either the "Overview" tab or the "Billing" tab.  If your bill hasn't yet been issued for this quarter, the amount shown will still be the last issued bill (i.e. last quarter, if you are on quarterly billing).


Also, any amounts you have paid to AGL on the account you are viewing in My Account should be visible in Transaction History.  Have the amounts you cannot see in transaction history been deducted from your account balance?  If not, these payments may not have been processed correctly.  Let me know how you go and if you have made payments to AGL that aren't showing in your Transaction History we'll need to look into it.


thanks for your feedback Fran,






Trying to reconcile my bills for both electricity and gas and the result makes me question whether AGLcan add up.

My online transaction visibility dates back to May 2016. During this time, there have been 171 transactions posted for my electricity account and 142 transactions for my gas account. Assuming that the first payment (also the first transaction in each case) has resulted in a zero balance, the remaining transactions (ignoring the latest unpaid bills) do not balance. Bills and payments should equal 0 when added (one cancelling the other out). Adding up all the transactions in the electricity account, I should have a credit of $222.30. Adding up all the transactions in the gas account, I should have a credit of $11.60.


Not sure how many customers AGL have but I am willing to speculate I am not the only one in this position. How much extra cash are they holding and why is it that their accounts do not balance?


I tried to get an understanding today via webchat but was asked to call the customer support number for a full investigation. That is tomorrow's job...





An update.


Requested a complete transaction history from AGL. Comparing the two sets of transactions for the period available online, the following discrepancies exist:

  • 4 transactions missing from the online list
  • 9 transactions with different totals

Now sent to AGL for an explanation. Can't wait!


I too am trying to reconcile my accounts as i have had so many problems with AGL.  I have invoices charged, credited, charged again then another charge with a different amount.  My invoices change and i honestly can't keep track of the incoming and outgoing.  Regarding the problems i have been having with AGL and direct debit authority plus Solar Panel rebate etc, i have credits going against my account with wording descriptions i don't even know off or been advised.  I am still awaiting to see my first power bill after getting Solar installed back in December plus i authorise direct debit payments each fortnight of a certain value and each time it is different.  Whats up with that??  I actually am at the verge of making the switch but patiently awaiting the final outcome of my Solar Panels and its entirety.


I am able to view my electricity usage for each past bill, but not for gas. Is it because I use so little gas, e.g an average of TEN DOLLARS per MONTH over five months, but am charged between fifty to sixty dollars per two monthly billing period.!😠