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Hi there,


I was trying to switch my account to TOU as I have an EV and want to user the off-peak cheaper rates to charge the car. I checked the App but there was no option to do it there, so I checked the web site and there was no result for TOU or Time Of Use, I tried to change my plan online but there was no option to do it there either. I started a Support Chat and was told that I needed to call a 1300 number as this is for the meter configuration team.

This seemingly simple change to my plan is taking more effort than I would like, so my suggestion is to integrate that in the app so that at least the request goes to the right team, and if there is a need to discuss, the relevant team can call me or e-mail me.




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Thanks for the feedback, Gaetano. By the way, you may be interested in the EV community group we have here.