Time Of Use or Seasonal Time of Use - Can we choose?

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We requested a reconfiguration of our meter from Single Rate to Time-of-Use (TOU) and this was completed at the start of March. Our postcode is 2145 and we are in the Endeavour Energy distribution zone but we noticed that the new rates being applied were the Seasonal TOU rates rather than TOU. These rates are on page 4 of this PDF file: https://www.agl.com.au/-/media/aglmedia/documents/help/rates-contracts/market-contracts/2020/07/2020.... The rates quoted by the customer service agents before we requested the reconfiguration matched the TOU rates in that PDF file rather than the Seasonal TOU rates.


We would prefer the TOU rates to Seasonal TOU as they are ~20% cheaper given our consumption and our recently installed 8.5 kW solar system. We tried to contact AGL Support over the phone to request this change but they have advised us that this is not possible and that Endeavour Energy is responsible for any meter changes. This does not seem to be correct as we contacted Endeavour Energy and they advised us that they are not responsible or involved in any meter upgrades, connections or reconfigurations. 


Is there anything we can do to change our meter to TOU rates? If not, we would like to know if there a reason why we are locked into Seasonal TOU because we are getting many conflicting sources of information.