Phone tag

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Trying to add electricity to my gas account. Website worked OK until I tried to choose time of use tariff. Couldn't be done. Went on chatline. They needed to update meter details in the "national database". Couldn't do it in that department. Told to ring another number. Ok, that was allegedly a 24hr service. Of course they couldn't help with my enquiry then. Have to go to another service that is only available 8am to 4pm tomorrow which is a Sunday. What do you think the chances this will be open? 

Wouldn't mind if I could email and wait. No, have to ring and continue the tag.


Rang again today, Sunday 16th August. Different message today, Meter is listed as fine. Apparently I have to change to "time of use" with my current provider and then switch to AGL after that. Madness!.


I've asked for my query to be escalated. They will get a manager to ring me tomorrow.