Digital Meter Upgrade

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My premises current have an "Anytime" and a "Controlled Load" meter.
I have been advised of an upcoming digital meter upgrade with a possible tariff change.
My questions are:
1) Will there be 2 digital meters or 1 combined meter?
2) Will Controlled Load be measured separately?
3) What is the likely change of tariff, bearing in mind that tariffs are already expected to change on August 1?

AGL Moderator
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Hi JohnPobiega, I'll be happy to assist you today!

So for question 1 and 2, there would only be one meter. Anything like controlled load or solar registers can now run through the one smart meter, and that meter can also individually measure all those inputs and outputs, so you'll be able to see your general usage, controlled load, and potentially solar all on the same bill, just like before.

For question 3, distributors across the country have been gradually moving to a more cost-reflective structure, and new smart meters are getting put on tariffs that have a peak, shoulder, off peak tariff, rather than anytime usage. I can't go into details because it does vary a bit between states, but feel free to send me a private message with your account details if you want to explore it further!


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Do you know whether the "24 Hour Off Peak" tariff will still be available for the booster element on a twin element hot water heater?

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I would like to know if my electricity supply rate will change if I upgrade to a digital meter

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Technically your supply rate should not change apart from the usual annual increase which occurred on Aug 1 this year.
However in my particular case the digital meter changeover coincided with expiry of my existing plan which had provided 28% reduction in AGL's top usage rates.
AGL has now substituted a new plan which is comparable to the latest offerings from retailers such as Red Energy.

The new Landis + Gyr E355 digital meter has replaced my existing Anytime meter, Off Peak meter, and Ripple Receiver.
The digital meter's display shows the current Date and Eastern Standard Time which is automatically set.
The display also shows Anytime usage, Off-Peak usage, and the Total for both.
A short antenna has also been installed to allow for remote access and for collection of usage data for billing purposes.

Interestingly the ON and OFF times for my Off-Peak availability have changed slightly.
For the first few days after installation, Off-Peak was available for 24 hours each day.
Then the timings changed to their present availability which is approx 11:00pm-5:00am Mon-Fri, and all day Saturday and Sunday until around 5:00pm.
I suspect the new timings are remotely programmed into the meter, rather than being "switched" by a Ripple device.

I haven't received a new bill since the changeover, but I'm expecting it soon.
Hope this information proves useful.


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Thanks for that info.
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Be aware...
Just received advice TODAY from AGL regarding a tariff change.
Apparently my Off-Peak tariff has changed from CL1 to CL2 from the 18
August which was the date of digital meter installation.
Note that cost of CL2 is significantly higher that CL1.
None of this was explained beforehand.
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Thanks John. They have no scruples. Cheers
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Hi @MarkHi, yes, your tariffs would definitely change. Review it carefully! I have since cancelled my automatic upgrade because I will be substantially worse off compared to my current anytime rates.

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Thanks Jay, I thought so & also cancelled my auto upgrade.  It seems the benefit goes just one way