Solar Saver Plan

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Could somebody please tell me the operating hours of the tariffs for the Solar Saver electricity plan?  When are the Peak, Shoulder and Off Peak times.

These have been hidden well in the AGL website and kinda seem like they don't want to be found.

Thank you.

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Hey @B-Hill,


The peak, should & off peak times will be shown in your contract / confirmation pack if you're already signed up. Each area & distributor varies, even the type of meter can effect what tariff you have.


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Thank you for your reply.  Asking as I can't find the contact details / starter pack, and the information does not seem to be on your website.  Do I need to telephone to find these times out? Should be simple to find but is anything but and definitely not consumer friendly.

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In NSW ,the hours are:


Off peak 2200 to 0700

Shoulder 0700 to 1400

Peak 1400 to 2000

Shoulder 2000 to 2200

Weekends and Public Holidays

Off-peak 2200 to 0700

Shoulder 0700 to 2200   (ie no Peak)


For other States, I can't help you.  The easiest way to find out is to get comfortable in your armchair and then actually ring AGL on 131-245    (I agree, the web-site is dire when it comes to looking for actual hard information.) 


Note that AGL has some plans that are offered either with Time Of Use or with a flat usage charge. You may need to ask them to confirm if that is the case with Solar Saver, and ask which Plan they have put you on.