💡💡 Peak Energy Rewards Target to Get $10 💰💰

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I got a sms from AGL asking me to participate in a peak demand event as part of their Peak Energy Rewards program. This is the first time for me and I am very excited to help and participate. AGL have given me targets as below.

💲💲Target 1: Earn $5 for importing 4.16kWh less from the grid
💲Target 2: Earn $5 for importing 3.21kWh less from the grid


However they have not said the number I have to be less than. Is there somewhere I can find that number for future events? 🤔
I assume the number would be around 12kWhs for a 2 hour period on a hot QLD 🌞 summer day for my household. 🏡 But I would like to know exactly so I can work towards it. 📉


It is hard to reduce your kWhs if you don't know what the reduction is from.



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Will36, that is such a splendid question !


I have just wasted a couple of hours looking through the AGL site and searching the internet for an answer to the very same question.


You must use a lot of power (or they must not like Queenslanders) because they are offering me $5  to reduce my consumption by just 0.51 kWh, then another $5  for a further 0.42 kWh


Like you, I have no idea against what the reduction is measured.


I guess that they don't want much of a reduction from me because we don't use much power anyway (just me and the old lady, and no aircon).

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@OldFogey , we do use a lot of power, especially when its 36deg outside. 😰

That is interesting to see such a difference, I suppose the cost in different states also are a determining factor.


AEMO is predicting $15/kWh spot price this arvo in QLD so I can see why AGL wants me to reduce my demand. In saying that I am getting a $10 credit for my 4kWh reduction, when they stand to save $15 x 4kWh = $60. I guess administering a program like this would be worth the $50 gain for them. 🤑 (not that they would be paying spot price, it would be hedged but still they will be saving significant coin)



Hopefully someone can point us in the direction shortly to find our number....

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Will - I have exactly the same question. 

1) What is the basis for the target measurement? 

2) What is the starting number AGL is using to measure whether I have imported 0.05kWh less from the grid or exported 0.04kWh less to the grid?   

3) How can I determine when I have met that target? 

4) What monitoring approach should I undertake to determine if I should bother trying to meet the target?

5) Given we have a battery in our solar system, what more could we plan to do next time to achieve both targets?