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I have tried to connect my internet with AGL since Monday. 

Eventually spoke to someone on Monday about connecting my internet on Wednesday, everything was going smooth & nothing was out of the ordinary. Called them that afternoon and said I’d have a modem by Thursday morning as I had ordered one of my own. Called them on Thursday to let them know that I was ready to set up my internet however the operator said my internet had been cancelled and that I’d have to place another order with NBN. Even though my NBN modem was working and the NBN line was working & I had my own modem. Placed another order and called them today to find out it had been REJECTED for some reason & I would have to place ANOTHER order and wait 24/48 hours to ACTIVATE IT AGAIN. 

THIS IS EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING & ANGERS ME A LOT AS THIS IS SUCH A MUCKAROUND & have not been able to work from home for my job due to this. Absolutely will not be using their internet ever again. 

AGL Moderator
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HI @Customer233333 

Sorry to hear about this experience you are having with us, can you please share what the reason was for the NBN order being rejected?


Thank you