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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

SA smart meter?


Solar panels installed Dec17. AGL have not provided a solution to install the required meter. Contacted AGL installation team, no result. moved to AGL complaints, no results. moved to AGL investigation team, no result. Reported the situation to the SA Ombudsman for water and energy and now AGL refuse to discuss the matter with me, refer me back to the Ombudsman.

Following several discussions with the team at SA Ombudsman we have concluded that AGL have walked away from the problem in SA. Customers have been left totally in the dark and the investment in solar energy for some customers have left them  hanging on the cliff, not sure which way to jump. Thanks to the great team at AGL NOT.!!!.


AGL Moderator

Hi glenelg46,


Thank you for your post!

I'm sorry to hear that your solar upgrade has been such an enduring source of frustration for you, and that we've played a significant role in this. If this matter has reached a certain level of investigation between EWOSA and AGL then we will have to ask that you run any concerns through EWOSA for the time being. 


If there are any general queries that you have in the time being, please don't hesitate to post them here! 


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Odd.  We have had nothing but courtesy, assistance & feedback from the OMB so much so that we are now "enjoying" some of benefits of our system.

Mind you, our complaint was taken seriously & escalated & then that is when things started to happen. 

Most impressed with the complaint handling from the Omb.  10/10