Who owns the Smart meter installed by AGL.

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Hi, my analogue meter was replaced with a smart meter September 29 2021, so Solar could be connected.

I am looking to ditch AGL after they wiped out any benefit of having a solar system.

My projections using historical data shows that I have lost my credit balances for 3 out of the 4 quarters, because of the reduction in FIT, and increased usage charges and supply charge. 


On my AGL quarterly invoice which included September 2021 there was a line item charge for about $360 for the new meter, and a line item for a credit of $360 reversing the meter charge. 

So my question is if I move to another provider can AGL charge me for the Smart meter?


AGL Moderator
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Hi @RogerAussie, solar meter upgrades are generally done with no charge, and that's usually described to you when you're setting up the upgrade with us, so it won't be charged. If you're still concerned, i'll send you a private message as well that you can reply to with your account details and we'll take a further look!

Thanks- Mark.