AGL Gas bill shock solution ?

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Hi Everyone,


I need some clarification and help regarding the AGL gas bill that is exorbitantly high, despite I'm on the Flexible Saver plan.


My gas bill usage is very minimal as we do not cook at home and are just a two-person household with one toddler in a small apartment, however, our bill is higher than 5 people house! with the usage of 3300MJ+ constantly.


Sending the meter read through the apps is rejected as it is considered too low!


Therefore, what is the best course of action without going to the Ombudsman ombudsman-contact-details.pdf (


I thank you in advance for your help and suggestion.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @AGL-CustomerX,


Thanks for getting in touch. I'll send you a private message to grab your account details so that I can assist you further.