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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

bill confusion.


Hi all,

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I have just received the new account for home and I would like to know why it has both actual and estimated readings on it. I have checked back thru the last 3 accounts and it appears on the alternate account as well.

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AGL Moderator

Hi Trish,


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This most commonly occurs with our customers who're on monthly billing. When on monthly billing, the frequency of your meter readings do not change and you're billed on the same date every month. As a result, if your quarterly meter reading was completed during this billing period, then this will appear as 'actual' with the date listed to the left of it. An estimated reading will then appear below it as this is used to close out the billing period. E.g. if you're billed from 1/8-30/8, a meter reading could have been completed on 15/8 which would appear as 'actual', and then an estimated reading would be used for 30/8 to bill you up to this date.


Hopefully this makes sense!


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Thanks for the reply. I guess then in future I should take to submitting my own meter read for the quarter to prevent from being overcharged. I had read the meter during the same period and there was a small difference in the readings, but this accumulated over a period of time will add up to a lot.


Again thanks for the help.


Kind regards, Trish.