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Your Final Notice threat




I just arrived back from Thailand last Friday and I received a very unpleasant message in the mail today after work. It was stamped on the 19/8/15 and said I had within 5 days to pay $88.55 within the stamp date or you would take legal action and fine me and give me a bad credit rating.


For one, the amount was paid in full, though I was surprised you didn't bother to look in my gas account, as opposed to just the electricity as they are both under my name. You transfered the extra money in my gas to my electricity before so why can't you do the same now. Sure my housemate made a mistake and sent his share into the gas, but you still have it and don't need to take legal action, as he has a receipt.


You also have no method of getting a hold of you after 5pm, and well by the looks of it you already took legal action. I should also note that you placed the wrong address on the mail, on only by luck did the postman figure it out.


Please transfer the owing amount from my gas account XXXX XXXX to my electricity account XXXX XXXX.


If you have taken legal action and affected my credit rating and it affects my wifes visa I will take you to court and sue you for the $4500 I paid for her visa, plus reconciliation for the year and a half I have waited.



Thank you.





Update:Edited to remove personal info.



Thanks for the post @Kinematic


We'll get the team onto this straight away. In the future, it's best to contact us directly if you experience an issue like this again - we want to help as quickly as possible! 🙂 


You can expect to hear from us shortly. 





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Just a friendly suggestion, but you might want to have somebody monitor this site and take down any messages that are negative and/or contain customers account information.

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Thanks for the heads up @kdubsinsd. The relevant account info has been edited out of the post. We don't remove negative posts on our Community as we accept all feedback, whether positive or negative.

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