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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Unbelievably bad service!!!


After being a loyal customer of AGL for over three years which is when we moved to NSW, we agreed to maintain this loyalty when we moved recently. What a poor decision that was! We signed up for both Gas & Electricity and post doing this, a day before connection was due we get an email saying "sorry, we made a mistake" the account we signed you up for is not correct as you have a different type of meter to what we thought so your rate is going to double!! Long story, that was solved satisfactorily. Then a week after moving our online profile showed Gas account not connected and "pending". Rang to discuss and got told they were not able to get a read of the meter from the former supplier that held the account. Agent says hold the line I will ring them. Come back and said, sorry, we have got it i'll arrange for your account to be connected. Sounds good you think!?? Ends up they open a new account and it's not connected with our Electricity account. Ring again, they said they will fix it. Ends up being rectified for a short while, but only to find a week or more later that we now show as having no gas account at's gone!! Dissapeared into thin air yet again! Ring yet again, get given an explanation and was told it will be fixed. All in all, I think we have now had something like 6 different account numbers allocated! Everything finally seemed to be ok and the other day our online profile showed first gas bill due 27th February. Naturally, I was waiting for a bill to appear. Nothing did suddenly the account profile says your FIRST gas account is due in 88 days. Today I get an SMS from AGL saying your Gas bill is due $55.53 and it will be debited on 7th March. Go online on internet and phone guessed it, no bill exists!! Now I realise the SMS refers to yet another account number!!!!!


Now onto the electricity. Because we now have three air-conditioners and a spa on our third level, I decided to prepay $500 to our electricity account. Would you believe it was there showing as a credit one minute and then a few days later it dissapears. I ring and got told are you sure you paid it to us!!! I paid it online via the "pay now" option and it shows on my ANZ account. Can you send us proof of that I get asked!!! After a few expletives and them checking further, they find it under one of the many accounts they have kindly set up for us!!!


I am going to the energy ombudsman with my list of grievances and the amount of hours i have spent on their 24/7 chat line and phone trying to fix all these problems. 


I have honestly never experienced such horrendous service in my life. I've been in business for 35 years and if I gave my clients this level of service I dont deserve them!!!


Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @RodNSW


Sorry about the delay in response, for some reason I was not able to reply. This has been fixed now. 


In the meantime I did send you a private message on Monday. This message was just to let you know I was having issues replying to you and requesting your account details, so I could investigate further. 


If you would like to respond to the private message, I would be more than happy to help out.