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Solar refund


We are currently using a lot less electricity than our solar is producing which has put our bill in credit. I read about a solar credit balance payment but don't understand how it works. Do we need to apply to have the credit sent to us? 

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I had the same experience - automatic crediting every quarter (bill) which suddenly stopped.. I was told that if I wanted quarterly crediting I would now have to ring up every time and request it!

I prefer quarterly balancing because of cash flow and performance control. I hope automatic quarterly balancing will be reinstated ASAP.

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dont be silly, power companies dont like giving money away


Hi Downunder, like you I had my solar panels installed in January but the smart meter wasn't installed until May. Drove me crazy waiting. They did give me a credit for the solar that was produced before the smart meter was installed when I gave them the readings.

One more thing that I wish I had known from the start - change to this one you then get 20 cents feed in tariff instead of 11 cents. From what I can see on my current quarter it makes a huge difference.


For the last 3 quarters I have had to phone to sort out automated payments when my account is in credit. Each time I am told it will happen automatically next bill in 5 -7 business days after the bill is issued. Seems like I will be phoning again!!! Not happy customer 


Hey @woddles ,


You are correct that SAPN no longer installs Smart Meters.

When I had my Solar installed I had to wait six weeks, this was not the installers issue as he had 10 working days to install the meter after he received the request.


He showed me his order dated two days before and installed.


It is the Retailers responsibility to arrange the install, no I was not with AGL at the time, Solar was installed 14 Dec 19, he received request Jan 29th and installed 31st Jan at 11:00 and also left his number if I had issues.

Cheers Neil

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