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I would like to know why I get charged an Over The Counter fee when using Postbillpay? My bill 2 cycles ago incurred this fee but I queried it and it was refunded on the next bill. However, my current bill has this charge again. I checked the cedilla and tilde references on the back of the bill. The ^ refers to the payment processing fee and the ~refers to paying in person at any Post Office. As I argued last time, I haven’t been in a PO to pay a bill in years and as my bank statement showed it was paid on a Sunday, I can confidently say that all Post Offices were closed that day. Checking the PO terms & conditions, it said that if a biller imposes fees/charges then this will be advised so that you can cancel the transaction. It doesn’t!! This only happens on my AGL gas bill. I’ve never had this charge on my Electricity bill.


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Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


These fees should only be charged in the event that you've made a payment in person at an Australia Post outlet. If you've made all of your payments using a different method then this is definitely something that we need to look look into further. Please send me a private message with your account details so that we can start looking at things for you. Receipts for your most recent payments would also help!


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