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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Online account won't load



         I am a caseworker for a client whose electricity has been disconnected after it has supposed to have been recently connected. Another caseworker has given me the task of sorting it out. I have the login details as well as the client details. I am trying to work out on their behalf 
a) why the power at the unit has all of a sudden been disconnected 
b) why the online login won't load the page - it says the account is not available and to try later.

Please help, my client has no power at home and I need to sort this out!


AGL Moderator



Generally, the power being cut at the premises would be the following reasons

- Non payment of outstanding amount. In these scenarios, we send communication as well as attempt to call the customer to understand why they aren't able to pay the bill, and arrange payment before eletricity is switched off.

- Power outages/faults - If there is a power outage or fault in the area it's the local distributors responsibility to resolve this as they are responsibile for the wires/poles etc in the area. You can check who the local distributor is here by entering in some details, and depending on who the distributor is, they will likely have an outages page on their website advising as to if there is a widepsread issue. They will also have a contact number on their AGL bill for their distributor.


If there is a non payment issue, or an issue on the account that has resulted in the power being disconnected, we can of course assist further and place an order to have the electricity reconnected. We may not be able to share that information with you if you are not listed on the account, this is due to privacy issues.


 If you could message me some account details, we can check if there was an order put through for the disconnection and do our best to escalate a reconnection for as soon as possible. Once the order has been put through, depending on why the disconnection happened in the first place, we will need to discuss that matter with the account holder or verified contact on the account, which as mentioned above is purely due to privacy.


Please message me as soon as possible, as we have limited time we can contact the distributor to organize reconnection.



Charged Up

AGL logins simply don't work. Their online system is best described as a complete and utter joke