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Meter readings


Hi, I just received a message telling me how to do my own meter readings. I don't wish to do my own meter readings, because sometimes I'm away for months on end and wouldn't be present to read it. Very few, if any, of my neighbours understand English well enough to do this for me and communicate with me when I'm overseas  On your text, it said I had to opt out by 11/3/2018. I want AGL to continue to do my meter readings, thank you very much.  As I understand it, you estimate the bill, then adjust every 3rd or 4th reading. Is this still the case? 



AGL Moderator

Hey RuthFF,


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Yes, this is still the case. When on monthly billing, your meter will still continued to be read every three months by your distruibutor. For any billing periods where we do not receive a meter reading from either your distributor or yourself, your monthly bill will be entirely estimated. However, once your meter is read again down the track, your bill will be automtaically adjusted for any undercharges or overcharges as a result of our estimations!


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