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Low read on amount of solar power I have generated


I have just received a bill which states I have generated 42 kWh of power in 93 days from a 10 kW system. We have had storms overcast skies blackouts in the last week. In the last 10 days I have generated 328 kWh of power. Dec to Mar generated 4153 kWh, yes it was summer.

Any ideas on why such a low reading?



Hi Shani, 


Short answer, yup, someone else here had the same 'problem' and my reply was as below. With solar it's designed to get you to use what you generate first and what you don't use is FIT, feed in tariff, in other words, back to the grid.


As always I will stand corrected, but, in normal circumstances your paid back in your FIT less what you actually use in consumption, in other words, say in my case, .67c for FIT is very low so where possible I use as much as I can in a day from my solar like electric car charging, washing machines, dryers and etc. so my day is largely free of cost, on cold days I even warm up the house with the aircon, so for me my FIT is very low but I don't much care, better to use it for household use than get paid such a small amount.




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Hey @Shani, welcome to the Community! 


Rob is pretty spot on here - if your home has a net meter, the electricity that your panels produce is used up in the home first before it's fed into the grid. This will reduce the amount of electricity you're drawing from the grid, so you will still be saving effectively. Typically, panels are least efficient over the winter period so you should start to see your panels generating more electricity as the days get longer.


Rob also has a great suggestion in regards to shifting the bulk of your energy usage to during the day when your panels are most active, which will further reduce the amount of energy you draw from the grid.


Let us know if you have any further questions and we'll be happy to assist Smiley Happy

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