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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

IMPOSSIBLE gas bills!


 Dear AGL,

You led me to believe the fault was on my end saying the metre readings correct. But it is now completely clear that their is a major stuff up on how your charging me these numbers are completely IMPOSSIBLE!

I complained about my first outrageously high bill which was over x3 times my bill for the same period last year!! But all i heard was the metres are correct and to get the appliance's looked at.

Ive contacted my land lord and was informed that all appliances were checked and serviced before my occupancy. And since then i have had a professional look over bother the hot water system and the heating and they are both working fine.

THEN! I recieve my next gas bill that once again is ridiculously IMPOSSIBLE! It states I am using x4 times more gas than the average 5 person home!! That is impossible ive barely used the heater since I recieved the first outrages highly incorrect bill, But yet my next bills over $600 dollars it is impossible!


I have looked into this and have found that im not the only AGL customer experiencing this and theres actually quiet alot of them complaining about exact same issues.

Theres so many others!

And to think you offer better savings if we agree to direct debit!!! Its an absolute disgrace!!!

If this is not promptly sorted i will be taking this to the ombudsman and taking my business to one of your competitors that dont rip off their loyal pay on time customers.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention I've lived by myself since march this year. Before then there were two adults living here and ive never had to worry about my bills because im conservative with both showers and how much i use the heating. These bills are completely wrong and i refuse to pay a cent until their fixed!

AGL Moderator

Hi Rit0003,


Thank you for your post!

I'm sorry to hear that your AGL bills have been such a pain point for you. I'd be happy to lend a hand here and see what I can do to help, so please send me a private message with your account details if you'd like to chat further. A photograph of your current meter reading would help too!





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Hi Jayden, Ive already been through that process with my first outrageous bill!