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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Huge ELECTRICITY Bill - Coomera


Hi guys

So i changed my billing from quarterly over to monthly and its like i am being billed for the qtr in a month. the first bill was 480 for the month (aircon was on but jesus its never been that much anywhere)  and then this month - for one month - three people all of which work fulltime, and the third is never home other than sleep is.... $250 or so. 


For a month. How is this correct? What can i do?



AGL Moderator

Hey, emmanye!


I've responded to your enquiry within another thread:


"It's always worth double checking your bill if you feel something isn't quite right. I'd strongly suggest you start by logging into your online account here (or that you download the AGL app) and follow the prompts to lodge the readings currently on your meter. If your bill is estimated, this will allow us to adjust your account for any potential overcharges.


If you'd like to chat further about your bill, we'd recommend you get in touch with our web chat team here!"


Kind regards,




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get another job