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Gas Hot Water Bill Confusion (multi 10)


We just moved to a unit, and then received a gas bill which cost $193 only for 27 days (4,675 MJ ) !! Extremely expensive and unresasonable. Previously we lived in a house (3 people) a quarter bill between $150 - $200. 


I checked details invoice, it seems problem on Hot Water Meter. Formula is Units x 10 x 0.433.. Conversion Factor = 4,500+ MJ Usage. I don't understand why need to multi by 10?! This number is very high, and AGL just told me they do nothing due to this multiplier figure 10 is set by the distributor. Can anyone let me know have to multi 10? Why not just 5 or 6? I saw someone say that if the meter's units are decaliters, the multiplier of 10 is used. If it's M3 (cubic meter) doesn't need any multipliers. Is it true? As my meter show “M3” (cubic meter) . Anyone can help? Thanks a million!





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Hi Milk,


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It is true that many hot water meters record usage in deciliters, however the formula used to calculate this figure into mega joules uses litres. So to convert your usage in decilitres to litres, then it is necessary for this figure to be multiplied by 10.


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Hi Jayden,


How can you tell what units your hot water meter is in? I too have this multiplier.