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Flybuys points


In June, before the electricity & Gas had switched from our previous supplier, I had called AGL to cancel our plans because the previous supplier had offered a better deal.
The person who I spoke to offered an extra 10,000 Flybuys points if I was to stay with AGL and I was to call with the reference number he had given me once both Electricity & Gas had been switched over.

I called on 12/8/16 and the lady I spoke to had no knowledge of it and put me on hold while she looked into it. The call eventually disconnected while on hold. I then sent and email on the same day and have not received a response. The email reference number is: AGL-FF-2016081252249
I would appreciate if this could be looked into as I was told while on the phone this morning, that the offer of additional points may not have been valid.
Thank you,



Hi Deb,


I'm not a believer in verbals, only the written word, if I get an offer, no matter where it is from I get the persons name and ask them to email me the offer so it is in writing I do find with AGL they have a tendency to get you to talk to an agent rather than by email, looking at the forums that seems to be how it is but I say time and time again, no, no verbals, no I son't want to be passed to agent, or those that can escalate or whatever, NO VERBALS.


I do find ways around it but it can be annoying, so you did the right thing with an email, good thinking, emails are not always answered quickly, no idea why as when you talk to an agent you can tie them up for often an hour or so compared to a few minutes reading the email and replying, no logic there.!!



Did you use




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AGL Moderator

Hi @Deb63


Thanks for getting in touch. We can certainly take a look for you if you could please pop us a private message with your account number/supply address. Unfortunately the reference number you've provided hasn't yielded me any results.




Thank you @BWSS and @NathanB  for your replies.


I've sent you a private message @NathanB with the details you requested