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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

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i recieved bill of 866$ foor three was way too high. i called helpline and talked to consultant. Mate your guys need to learn up that even being layman we understand what is KWh, i asked him solution and he was like sorry but we dont have anyone who can help us to check up. i simply asked him if ever he can send someone to show up and check my refrigrator with multimeter for voltage and current its drawing and he simply said, i need to buy and check myself. being such a big company these AGL guys should help the customers instead of focussing of getring more and more bucks. sorry but ive been deeply disappointed..i ever regret that why i have called to people who dont bother and show least concern to customers



Hi Mbtanoli,


Please take this in the spirit it was given, but, I have to disagree with you on this point. Sending out and electrician is simply not done, you could engage an electrician at his cost or do you seek something for nothing?


Best advice I could give you is to look at the unit or other similar, or for free you can or should be able to loan a whole kit from a local library.


I did have several of the watts devices that measured the energy use of various appliance one at a time dependant on how many devices I need to purchase and how many devices I need to monitor.


For me it made me change an old 3 phase air con to s modern state of the art one, new fridge in place of 2 older ones, new washing machine, new microwave and other stuff. Sure it cost me now but other posts I have posted about this subject suggest my pay back max was 5 years for the aircon, others as little as 1 year, add to that 5.5kw of solar, AGL battery, currently awaiting upgrading or new system and last 3 monthly bills varied from $6.00 to $15.00.


I take this all seriously because changing appliances now is a sensible move.




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AGL Moderator

Hey mbtanoli,


BWSS has offered you some great advice here! We've also replied to your other post with an offer of further assistance.


Kind regards,



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