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Disapproving gas readings


I changed my Gas bill to AGL looking to consolidate my bills with Electricity.


I was taken by surprise the first time my Gas bill came through with AGL with a total billing of $310 as usually with Origin I always received $70-85 bills for the last two years. In mind that household situations have no changed at all, the change in gas usage readings is highly unreasonable.


I had an agent contact me about my bills and told me that the readings are "actual readings" not estimates, etc. I tried reaching AGL again with no re-assurance.


I have been billed 2 quarters of ridiculous gas bills (3 people household). Seeking resolution from AGL.


Just as a point of reference for other community members, after reading the other discussion threads re: gas meter readings and crazy bills, it seems like if no resolution is reached within the week contacting Ombudsman is the next step.


EDIT Reading more on other people's threads. I have figured out what AGL has done wrong. They have wrongly assumed that my meter requires a multiplier adjustment of x10. Doing the maths, without this x10 multiplier the bill would be reasonable. 


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We're sorry to hear that you've had these issues with your gas bills since coming on board as a gas customer. We would love for you to get in touch with us so that we can take a closer look at your gas account! Please send me a private message with your account details and a current photograph of your meter(s) if possible and we'll help where we can. A copy of your bill from your previous retailer covering the same periods last year would also be very helpful!


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Hi Jayden,


I have sent your team an email <Reference: ARTISTA - Gas fees wrongly charged>




Still waiting on reply from the AGL team... 


good luck. seriously!


I had to fight tooth and nail with AGL to get Jemena to come out and confirm I had a faulty meter that needed replacing. They did nothing to help and I even recall one employee who refused to let me speak to a manager as she barked at how meters work.

Took Jemena a few seconds after 2 years of fighting with AGL to assess it and deem it to be faulty and need replacing. 


One year on and I am about to start the process again. Apparently as a single person living alone, I use 11 times more gas than families in my area.