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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Changes to electricity rates


Dear AGL,

So let me get this straight, just over 3 months after starting my contract, you decide to almost double the rates you quoted initially without any reasonable explanation at all. We have not changed our meter and I do not believe there is any basis for the change you have made.
The reason we chose AGL was because they quoted reasonable rates and previous good customer service. We live in a small residential townhouse and it basically does not make sense. 
To simply send an email and believe it is sufficient notification for such a significant change is some of the most appalling customer service I have ever witnessed. I will be taking this case to the ombudsman and will be looking at other providers immediately.

AGL Moderator

Hi MFini,


Thank you for taking the time to bring this change to our attention!


The changes that have been made to your rates certainly sound significant, and I'm very sorry that your time as an AGL customer has gotten off to such a disappointing start. We'd like to see what we can do to turn this around for you so please send me a private message with your account details if you'd like to chat further.


Kind regards,



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electricity suppliers are huge ripoffs and need continued scrutiny