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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Account Name Change


How do I go about replacing my husband's name with mine on the AGL gas & electricity accounts?


AGL Moderator

Hi @JasMo


The best thing to do is arrange for your husband to contact us so we can verify him, as from the sounds of it he's the account holder. From there, once it's confirmed that it's to be changed into your name, our agents will get your details and do the rest. 


Hi @NathanB

I'm trying to do something similar. My partner (whose name account is in) spoke with an AGL telephonist and asked for the account to be transferred into my name. The telephonist then spoke with me and advised that I would need to create a new account and would need to pay a connection fee (the reasoning was that somebody would need to come out and take a meter reading). I pointed out that there was no need for it to be "connected" as it is already connected. All other details are to remain the same (including direct debit account details), but the telephonist advised that there was no other way. I'm looking at taking my business to another provider (after 10+ years with AGL).

AGL Employee

Hi @Duggo


thanks for the post and reaching out, I may have a solution for you. we can actually "rebill" the last quarters bill that was in your partners name under your name then you would be responsible for the bill for a previous date and no reading or connection required. now here is the sticky part that means if you paid your last bill with us under your "partners name" you would need to get that money refunded and pay the bill again under "your name" 


i.e. your last bill can be from 1.7.2016- 1.10.2016 and you would tell the agent on the phone you want to take over from the 1.7.2016. you would then get a bill under your name that you owe us for that time and you pay that using the refund for the bill that was under your partners name.


you might be wondering why is it complex and the short answer is because its an energy contract with us and we need single responsibility and agreement to one party for legal and regulatory requirements. so its not intentional to make it on the harder side we just want to make sure we fulfill our obligations to you under the regulations. 


I have been on hold for quite some time. Why can’t you leave your number, keep your place in the queue and have a consultant contact you when it is your turn?

AGL Moderator

Hi Jdesilva,


Thanks for reaching out about our call centre processes!


Unfortunately, depending on the time that you call into our centre, there may be hold times. We do not currently offer the callback service you've referenced, but you're absolutely right in suggesting that this would be a beneficial service for our customers. if you do find yourself in a call queue in the future, you do also have the option of chatting to a web chat representivie instead by following this link.


Kind regards,



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