total confusion of the disparity of credits from one a/c to the next

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I live alone. Have very adequate solar panels (yes, green light is on). I only use a/cs when totally necessary. That is not often. I use fans and keep doors closed when it is hot. I do not use my oven often or waste electricity. I am a pensioner so have to be aware. I have been away for the last two weeks but my credit rating has dropped from over $150 to $17. Something is very wrong and I want answers. All of my bills show that I am below the average one-person household rate. Is anybody out there listening or will they continue to rip us off? Maybe some of the overpaid executives should take a pay cut to help ease the burden?
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Hi @brinny,  it sounds like a bill has come out against your credit. I can take a look at the bill for you to make sure it's an actual read, so i'll send you a private message so we can look at it! Regards- Mark.