back billing

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hello, have an issue where i have been back billed for more than 2 years of incorrect estimated billing, the information based on this is incorrect as an example I found out a meter reader had lied to AGL about reading my meter box, as i had contacted AGL to give a meter box read out, the lady at AGL replied, it states here your meter was read, my reply was impossible as my gates are padlocked and no possible way access to my meter box. when i gave her the actual reading it was in fact different to what was on file. the lady's reply was that of confusion.

to resolve this back billing due to estimations as follows

-phone calls to give a meter reading,

-emails and photos attached,

-failed attempts to use the app and ignored by AGL help with promised emails to in the issues with the using the app

- i even tried to organize a time or a spare key for access to property was also ignored.

- contacted the ombudsman with no real outcome other than a discount from $2,129.97 to $1688.41

the amount now being overdue with current quartly bill of $700+ and a disconnection notice for the total amount of $2,349.90

for a single male living on my own my quarterly bills have been excessive at $500+ one low as $250ish which would explain the reasons for contacting AGL so frequent, all bills have shown up with account in credit from last bill.

My living conditions have not changed in the 4 years at the current billing address to have such a irregularity in usage. i have been a customer to AGL for more than 7 years and no longer wish to use their services if not resolved.