Shocking Gas Bill

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I have just recently changed my address. I used to pay the bill quarterly but suddenly after a month the gas bill came and which is much more than what I used to pay for quarterly. So the bill is more than three times. They said they have put the actual meter reading but I asked how I know the meter reader initial reading is right but the AGL customer service representative was so adamant and not very helpful. He just kept telling me the meter reading is actual so everything is correct not even bother to listen from my part. 


Nothing has been changed from my old place to a new place, I use the same appliances only change is the gas stove. I am not convinced because of the different brand stove, my bill will be three times more. On top -  in my previous address the oven and stove both were run by gas but in the new place, only the stove is run by gas but the oven is run by electricity. So I thought the gas bill will be less.


I am pretty sure there is some problem with the meter reading. They might put the previous tenant bill with my one. 


I compared my current bill with my previous bills and I found the usage they have mentioned in my current bill is three times more than my previous bills. I don't know how in one month we use What we used to use even for more than three months. Does not make any sense. 


If anyone can help me with this issue, it will be really helpful.