Rebate for Aged Pension

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My husband has just recently become a pensioner and we were enquiring as to whether we qualify for a rebate or reduction on our gas & electricity bills.

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Hi Flash,

Concession entitlements and how these are applied vary from state to state.


To receive a concession the account must be in the name of the concession card holder, and other qualifying conditions must be met. 


Please go to our concessions page for more information and to see if you’re entitled to a State Government funded energy concession or contact us for more information.

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I have been with AGL for a very long time and I understand that I am entitled to a pension rebate and also a pensioner discount on my bills.   Can you kindly let me know how I can set this up.   I do have a pension card with I can provide.   I have also just installed a new energy efficient air conditioning with a rating of 1.5.  I would like to claim this one off payment.  

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Hi @Bernard


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood!


I'll send you a private message to grab your account details so that I can help you with this.


Kind Regards,