Pension concession

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I have just received a pension and want to know how I can get the concession applied please.

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Hi SLAT909,


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Please contact us directly to have your concession added to the account;


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i have contacted agl by chat (many times) & phone to have my concession card added. i recently moved & my move out date was 22/05/2020 (concession applied) therefore my move in date was 23/05/2020 & have had problems getting my concession card added to this new address. each time the agent says that they'll add it & all is okay. yet to see the 17½% concession applied to both my ELECT & GAS. Can you please help?

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Hi judithewart,


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We do apologise that you've had this experience with getting your concession card added, it does sound very frustrating. You would need to contact us directly regarding this, however I would recommend using AGL Messenger via the APP or your online account. Alternatively, you can contact us here.


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l know this is an old post but a word of advice don't be surprised if AGL stop giving you concessions they told me my account was blocked by Centrelink it was so much mucking around and complaining l end up going elsewhere anything so the make you pay more l have missed out on so much keep a check