Insanely high gas bill

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My gas bill is more than double that of my electricity bills?

We have a 2 person household and we work out of home yet the bill is saying we owe a total of $608???

There is absolutely no way 2 people have spent that much on gas.

We have tried everything to query this and get clarification yet no one is willing to help.

Our gas got cut off, twice, due to AGL saying they could not read our meter, and that apparently we were notified to tell them our meter reading (we were never told this) yet people were able to very easily access this and turn off our gas. We were home at the time our gas was turned off an no one knocked on the door.

Then on our bill, it is saying we have been charged these amounts and this has been verified by a metre read? But how is this the case if our gas got turned off because no one could read the meter????

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Bec22,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! In cases where meter reads are not completed due to access, you would receive estimated bill. Gas supply only gets disconnected at customer request, due to debt or if there is a prolonged period of gas usage without anyone having account in their name for that meter. 


I need to be able to access your account to find out what has occurred here. If your gas supply is not on, I would strongly suggest that you contact us via one of our platforms listed here so there is not further delays in getting your gas connected. 


I will send you a private message to grab your account details so I can access your account.