I now have a Seniors card - does that provide me with a discount and how do i progress that?

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I now have a seniors card - do i get a discount?

How can I progress this?

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Hi cb535353, 


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We can certainly review your plan and provide you with the details of our Seniors offer. Please contact us here. You can also use AGL Messenger which you can access via the APP, or by logging into My Account online.


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Can apply for any discount I am a senior 

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As per Jenna's post

Contact AGL HERE (click on the here) and it will start a new web page for you.


You can also use AGL Messenger which you can access via the APP, or by logging into My Account online.


Your My Account page will have aNeilC_0-1689000892426.png on the page, click on that to access.


This will not be a quick process but long wait. Being a senior I would suggest that you ring, put the phone on speaker and do what you want while you wait.


Alternatively I would suggest that you do a search on the web for AGL Seniors Plan in Google or whatever your favourite search engine is. I also suggest that you should read a few of the LISTINGS as they seem to indicate you may be able to get a better rate within AGL anyway.


To get the AGL discounts firstly the account must be in your name and there are limits to how much income other residents in your house earn.


Also be aware that any offering from any Retailer may not be the best offer, do not be tempted with offerings with reduced pricing that include a demand charge. Even if you do not exceed it a demand charge of 1kwH you will be charged that as it is a minimum.


Demand charges are not for householders but were introduced to try and get businesses to reduce their consumption.


Also be aware that Seniors Cards are not Pension Cards and you can obtain one after turning 60 and be working less than a set number of hours per week.


To the best of my knowledge you can not get any State or Federal Government rebates unless you hold a Pensioners Card.


But you do get many benefits from the Seniors Card including the 10% off for meals etc..


I also suggest you look at AGL's page


Click on the link above and a new AGL Web Page will be shown to you.


In saying all this, I am trying to forewarn you that unless you hold a valid PENSION CARD I don't think you will get any thing other than 10% off with your seniors card.


If you live in SA the Elizabeth Tavern gives you 20% off lunch with a Seniors Card during the week.

Cheers Neil

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Seniors card holders treated well in Queensland