How does the usage and feed-in charge been calculated?

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I tried to require usage data, which seems only half hour data is available. Does that means the smart meter only record on half hour basis and AGL charge us base on that figure?

For example, if the actual consumption is constant 10kw/hour in the first 10 minute and then 1kw/hour in the rest 29 minutes, solar production is constant 3kw/hour for the entire half hour, which of the following I would been charged?


1. half hour usage=10*10/60+ 1*29/60=2.15kw,

half hour solar production=3*30/60=1.5kw,

total cost=2.15-1.5=0.65 * consumption price


2. 1st 10 minutes grid usage in =(10-3)*10/60=1.16kw * consumption price

next 20 minutes feed-in=(3-1)*20/60=0.66kw * feed-in price

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Hi @athem,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood!


Although you may see interval data reported in 30 minute intervals, most meters will have either 5 or 15 minute reporting. 


We receive your usage and feed-in data from your meter, so any solar power that you don't use in real time, gets exported to the grid. These are recorded on separate registers on your meter, so we don't manually work out the difference. Our billing team will add these intervals which are reflected on your bill. You can find more information on our website. Hope this helps.