Estimated reads despite long standing Smart Meter

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After 80 days, 2 incorrect bills and half a dozen phone sessions with AGL, I feel the need for a bit of a rant.


We have a smart meter.
We have changed retailers on pretty much an annual basis, and every-time it's been a seamless change over with a lag time of a week maximum before meter data and billing data are in sync.


AGL have somehow managed only a single day of actual data in the first 60 days (and have since happily sent 2 estimated bills with 3-4 times my actual usage!)
They now have 20 days straight of actual data, but are still unable to correct the first 60 days.


The advice from the resolutions team so far:


AGL: Wait a few weeks, it will all resolve itself before the first bill is due.
Us: Wrong, it's been three months and now we have two way over-estimated bills to pay.


AGL: Enter you're data manually through the portal.
Us: Wrong, I can't as the portal recognises a smart meter is connected and will not allow manual entry.


AGL: Oh well, It doesn't matter if you overpay by a factor of four, we'll eventually get it right.
Us: Great, how about I don't pay at all, You'll eventually get your money when you can manage the simple task of sending a correct bill like everyone else.


The latest piece of sage advice is to take pictures of my smart meter registers and send in.


Us: Can I just give you the readings.

AGL: No, we really need a picture.

Us: You already have correct readings for the last twenty days, how is a picture of the current register magically going to help with the first 60 days of estimated readings.
AGL: Not sure, but that's what you need to do.


Can anyone out there explain how a photo of my meter today is instrumental in restoring 60 days of historic data, TOU interval data no less?


Rant over, thank you for your time.

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Just received an email back from AGL after dutifully sending in pics as instructed:


Dear Jason,

We’ve received your photo.
Thanks for contacting us regarding your account.
Unfortunately, it looks like you’ve sent us a photo of Smart meter.
This type of meter will not be able to read manually.
What do you need to do now?
If you require any further assistance, please give us a call anytime on 131 245

Yours sincerely,
The AGL Team
Always happy to help


My response was measured but not impressed:


Dear AGL, please re-read my initial email.

Thank you for telling me I have a Smart Meter, but I already knew that.
I fully realise it's a Smart Meter, if you even bothered to read the email you would realise I already had this discussion with Resolutions.
Resolutions insisted I send you the pics, I already told them it seemed pointless, and in fact argued that it wouldn't help.
EWON will have to be my next stop, as you all seem very good at sending people around in circles.

AGL Moderator
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Hi jdpug,


Thanks for contacting us and being apart of the AGL Community.


We can absolutely appreciate that you are after the actual usage data, especially with a smart meter. Your experience does sound very frustrating so we do apologise for the inconvenience caused.


We are more  than happy to investigate this and resolve this issue for you, however, as this is related specifically to your account, we do need you to contact us directly. I would recommend to contact our Resolution Team by calling 131 245 (option 4) or by using AGL Messenger via the APP or your online account. We look forward to hearing from you.


Kind Regards,


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Hi Jenna,


I have spoken to AGL through the online chat function and was updated through there on the situation, I found the operator there much more helpful, and wasn't sent off on a wild goose chase as per the first three or four times via resolutions.

Actual data is now filled in and three bills have been either cancelled or credited.

Very happy with the eventual result, but not with the considerable time and effort it took to get there.