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I have been impacted by job loss due to COVID-19 and was issued a concession card due to my circumstances. I contacted Agl on two occasions to backdate (about two months backdate) my gas and electricity bill to when my concession card (health care card) was issued. I was denied on both occasions especially on the second occasion  after highlighting to their customer team about the 12 month backdate rule for concession card holders in Victoria. Agl’s explanation on both occasions that it was against company policy to backdate for concession card holders, 


It was not until I had contacted the ombudsman ( that Agl cooperated on the matter and agreed to apply the backdating to my gas and power bills which is still pending at the time writing this post. 

My main issue with Agl is that many consumers like myself have been involuntarily impacted by COVID-19 and have had no choice but to seek concession support from the government. I was misled by Agl on TWO occasions about my rights to claim rebates as a concession card holder especially in a failing economic period where large companies should be supporting struggling customers more. If I didn’t do my research I hate to think the other consumers that were and could potentially be misled by Agl on less resources, lower socioeconomic backgrounds and/or or English language difficulties on their rights to receive concession rebates. 

This post is to highlight to concession card holders in Victoria who have been similarly misled like I have to file their complaints to the ACCC or Australian Energy Regulator about this misleading conduct. For concession card holders in other states, it is worth checking your concession card entitlements for power and gas bills beforehand as the rule of thumb in case you are misled into thinking that this is overridden by Agl company policy. 

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Hi Zeezee,


Thanks for contacting us and being apart of the AGL Community.


We am sorry to hear that you have been effected by COVID-19. It certainly has been a tough and unpredictable time. We do take supporting our customers very seriously, especially when it comes to applying and recommending any concessions or grants you are eligible for, so it is disappointing to hear that you had a negative experience with us regarding the concession being backdated. We do apologise for the inconvenience caused around this. We are glad to hear it was resolved but it should have been actioned on the first contact with us, so we appreciate you taking the time to provide us with this feedback.


Kind Regards,


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So if this is the case then why have I just gotten off the phone with a representative that literally told me this wasn’t AGLs problem. 

Do I have to go to the ombudsman also to have my energy & gas concession backdated to May 2023 because it has taken Centrelink that long to approve my concession or is someone going to help me out with this? 

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Could you please explain a little more to me about the 12 month backdate for concession holders in Victoria rule? I am about to have the same argument with AGL over back dating my concession. Their representative literally told me it wasn’t AGL’s problem that it has taken Centrelink that long to approve my concession. Quite rude to be honest. He literally did NOT care at all.