Budget payments with monthly billing

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Can anyone clarify this for me please

Re the proposed budget rebates as far as I'm aware I should get 2. One is the federal budget rebate and the second is the QLD budget rebate...so about $1000.

However these appear to be paid when the energy company feels like it.. sometime after 1 July.

As a pensioner I get my agl bill monthly but it would appear that I may have to wait until my sept or october bill before any rebates are applied. 


I guess I could miss my next few monthly payments and tell agl that I'm waiting for them to credit me with the rebates but I suspect that may not be the best option. 😀


Anyone have any advice?


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Hi @wendy333, welcome! 


The National Energy Bill relief scheme will be paid in four instalments, one each quarter. For concession card holders it would be up to $700 total over the whole year. We are hoping to get the first rebates put on there from the end of July to end of August, so you should see it on your next month's bill.