Bills steadily climbing every quarter with no change and minimal heating.

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This week we opened our Bill to yet another shock. A ridiculously high bill with no changes in consumption in the home, and very minimal heating used through winter. 
after calling to ask why and being met with a bunch of jargon and extremely quick and questionable maths there’s still been no explanation given. 
ive read several posts on this community and seen several media articles about the questionable bill increases made by AGL and the customers being met with little to no explanation. 
Channel 9 is running a story tomorrow night on the subject I’m curious as to see what they have uncovered as there is definitely something wrong with my bill and many other customers. 
I’ll also be calling the ombudsman’s and accc tomorrow to take further action. 
to be fair agl did try to help by giving me a “cheaper” plan and back some of the bill. All though this just compounds that there is something sinister going behind the scenes at agl. 
our first bill was $235, a year later and we are up for $700, someone tell me how this makes sense.

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My last two bills have more than double and AGL has put me on cheaper plan but I still haven’t been told why I live own my own and saying i used the power of a five person household only have basic things no heating or air conditioning nothing I use is different from last bills for 2 years iv used same things I’m my flat just want to now how this happens I’m a pensioner who can’t afford $488 dollars every 3 months