Am I eligible for the Utility Relief Grant (URG) Scheme?

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 I’m very sorry in advance for the novel life story but hope someone can PLEASE  help before I call AGL


I have recently been a victim of the faulty heater issues dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

I first reported heater 14-09-18 but had no one come for job until first week of Nov-18 witch they cut my plug and gave me an electric heater.

i know a heater isn’t my only means of heating but I have 5 children ages 6months-12 years 1 is bad Asthmatic so it’s not as simple as rug up if the airs cold his sick. 

It has been 6 months last week and 4 months NO permanent heater so my electricity bill and usage over Nov-Dec has doubled going from Max a day $4.50 usage too anywhere between $5.00-$20.00 a day...

DHS housing office are offering $302 to cover extra costs and was lump sum once appliance/job is fixed but now it’s just a reduced rent of that.


I applied for utility grant I think in 2017 but only for Gas because I was in credit with elec over $300 but  a leaking hot water service caused more costs I couldn’t keep ontop of for gas.

if my 2 yrs isn’t up can I now separately apply for Power even though I got $500 for Gas between Mid-Late 2017? 

I’m currently paying $70 per F/N on each but it’s not even getting bills down so both overdue and close to disconnecting, I want to pay AGL I have had a bad track record in previous years being irresponsible witch caused bad credit score witch I have just started correcting past few years but  I’m slipping into dept without a dollar more I can pay ontop with 4 school age kids a new baby 1 income:( l

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Hi Mickey,


Thank you for getting in touch!


I'm sorry to hear that you've found yourself in this difficult position. This good news is that you're eligible for an application for the utility relief grant every two years per fuel. So, if you've never made an application for your electricity then you're definitely eligible! For more details on concessions and support options you may be eligible for, check out our Concessions, Grants and Rebates help page.


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