$500 govt Covid19 rebate

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When will we start seeing the $500 Covid 19 rebate as offered by the Australian Government being applied to our accounts.

Here is a  snippet of what the Govt are saying:


Q. When will Queenslanders start to receive the
utility payment?
• Government is working with retailers to
get the payment to households as soon as
possible. Depending upon when their bill
falls due, customers will begin to see the
payment over the coming months.
Q. What about small business?
• The Government is also providing a $100
Million Power Bill Relief package for small
and medium business enterprises, with a
$500 rebate off energy bills.
Q. What businesses will receive the rebate?
• All small businesses who consume less than
100,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) will receive
the rebate. This will be automatically applied
on business electricity bills.

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The question you are asking is not about about the Federal Goverment and you should be looking at the appropriate Queensland Government site.


You supplied the question but not the answer which should have been below the question


I am in SA, a quick look on the web shows.




Now if you read this it states that it will be applied to your next electricity bill and not as a cash payment for either the $200 or $500 amounts.


Your current electricity bill should give you a rough idea of when your next meter read is occurring.


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I have two small to medium business accounts with AGL in QLD and they have not applied a $500.00 rebate to either account for the invoices received this month (May 2020).  I have other small business accounts with Origin and the $500.00 rebate has been applied to all accounts.  I contacted AGL and was told that I need to complete an Application for Utility Relief Form?  According to the Treasury Department, the rebate should automatically be applied to the invoices?  Has anyone else had to complete the Application for Utility Relief Form?

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Hi SRV! 

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The QLD Relief Rebate is applied automatically on the 30 Apr 2020, if you're not seeing this rebate being applied, please contact us so we can follow this up with our concessions team. 


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