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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App



Hi, could i suggest that the app makes it more obvious when a payment is made and is processing.  I accidentally made the same payment twice this morning because i thought it hadnt gone though. I checked my bank account immediately after and it showed two payments had come out straight away, yet 12 hours later the app still says my payment is processing and i owe money.

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Hi Jwbates,


Thank you for your feedback and we apologies for the double payment. You can message one of our agents via the app, who will be able to help you refund the payment.


To help reduce the issue you experienced, we have recently added a payment summary screen which shows the amount paid, date paid and invoice number. This is shown after successfully paying a bill which you have the option to share via apps available on your phone such SMS, email, other messaging apps, etc. You can be assured that the payment has been processed successfully if you saw the payment summary.


We are also reviewing the "Payment Processing" status to make it clearer and behave more predictably.