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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Gas and electricity Bills


Hi I’d like to ask about my bills. Yesterday I’ve got it my bills and already paid them but the problem after the update my bills in the system show me the next my gas bill come next 10 days and another problem show me different price of my two bills in the first page of the AGL app completely different with the prices in the second page from AGL app. Please can you explain that.

kind regards

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Hi @Juju, thank you for your feedback.  Would you mind sharing some screenshots of the problem you are experiencing.  Sometimes the payment information can take a little time to be updated within the app which can lead to it seeming like it hadn't been registered.  This is something we are working on improving.  It's confusing RE the bill date I might need to get a bit more info from you to investigate this more.  


There can be a difference with pricing on the usage and billing tabs.  Usage only factors in your usage costs but billing also includes any other fees and discounts that might be applied including carry over from other bills as an example.